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JUNE 6-19, 2019


If you are interested in going to the lands of Israel and Jordan, TIBI is sponsoring its seventh trip next year, from June 6-19.  This trip will transform your perceptions of the Bible, and how you understand the Biblical events, texts, and contexts.

Of the 40 spots in this group, 23 are already taken. So if you would like to go, contact us at (281) 787-3721, or the email of slaustin@cebridge.net.

To download the English flyer that describes the itinerary and details of the trip, please click below.

2019 brochure



To download the year end letter in pdf format, please click the following link:

2017 Year End Letter ENGLISH

Welcome to TIBI’s new website!

We hope you enjoy browsing our site to learn about the wonderful ways that God is working in Latin America and Europe.   Through exciting cutting-edge technology, we are able to bring together churches and people daily from all over the world.

We ask for your prayers and support. If you feel God is leading you to also give financially to any person or project mentioned above, we gratefully accept that. You may be assured your money will be well used for kingdom purposes and growth. If you would like to come visit, ask questions, or join the work in any way, please feel free to contact us at (713) 910-2819, Steve Austin (slaustin@cebridge.net),  or Kevin Montgomery (montgomery.texasbible@gmail.com).

If you would like to use a credit card or PayPal please use our donate button:


Graduation 2017

It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that we invite you to the graduation ceremony that will honor our eleventh class of graduates. It is also our seventh graduation that involves international students, and the seventh that will be transmitted by videoconference. Participants will use Zoom, our videoconferencing system. Those who can not be physically in the church that day can see the broadcast of the event on our main page, http://ibitibi.org

This ceremony will be held on Saturday, July 29th, 2017 at 7 pm at Southeast Christ Church, 2400 West Bay Area Blvd., Friendswood, Texas.

We will celebrate how God continues to bless this Bible Institute in its mission to prepare ministers around the world. We will honor those who have participated in the work, recognize the hard work of our graduates, pray for them and bless them in this important moment of beginning another chapter of their ministry.
This is a personal invitation to students, families, teachers, church members who support us, the governing body, and representatives of the Sunset International Bible Institute. Afterwards, we will all enjoy some fellowship time in the fellowship room (Room # 304).
We hope you can be with us. Please respond as soon as possible and say how many will attend, which will help us to plan this very significant event. You can call us at (713) 910-2819, or (281) 787-3721, or email us at slaustin@cebridge.net <mailto: slaustin@cebridge.net>
Or kevin@texasbible.org <mailto: kevin@texasbible.org>
God bless you,
Esteban Austin, Director of TIBI



About TIBI

At TIBI–Texas International Bible Institute, or IBIT in Spanish–our mission is to make disciples who will make other disciples, planting and nurturing churches that are biblical, evangelistic, mature, and relevant.

The textual or ministerial information which our students learn at TIBI is only a part of what we teach.  We are convinced that we must also help students think clearly, in a creative, logical, and profound fashion.   Since it’s impossible to teach all Bible text and ministry skills in just two years, we emphasis the process of how to think, organize, and share what they learn here.

In addition, the atmosphere which we create for students is critically important.  We know that, along with all the good which students bring, there will also be differences of opinion, difficulties, and misunderstandings that emerge due to different backgrounds and distinct personalities which the students bring to TIBI.

We strongly believe that TIBI should be a safe, receptive place, where students can seek answers to difficult questions, make mistakes, and disagree with others–but do so with respect and love for all.  We want to set the example for how to maintain and open dialogue, seeking the truth passionately, even if at the end of the discussion we may not all be in agreement in every detail.

But we can be united in the core gospel–the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Christ, and how one is saved through Him.  This gospel we read in places such as 1º Corinthians  15:1-4,  Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 23:23, and Ephesians 4:4-6.


To see an overview of who TIBI is and what we do, click on this link.

TIBI Overview–July 20, 2017 English


Elder Seminar, part 2

TIBI would like to invite you to the second half of the seminar regarding the work of elders in the local church.  It will take place March 25, from 9-12 AM CST.  The teachers will once again be Steve Austin and Kevin Montgomery, but we also plan to invite several elders and leaders from congregations …