Full time students



This is Yasnuary and her husband Arnold, and their son Matthew.  Yasnuary is the first TIBI scholarship student from that country.  She and her family currently live in Ilo, Peru, and work with the church there, where she enjoys working with the children, benevolence, Bible classes, evangelism, counseling, visitation, and much more.


Eli, his wife Maria, and their two children live in Barinas, Venezuela.  They are part of the Socopó church.  Eli participates in the leadership of the church, as well as other activities like the youth group, benevolence, evangelism, and visitation. He has also been part of the team at the Los Sauces church, where TIBI graduate Isaac Torres works.


Corina comes from Merida, Venezuela, where she studied nursing in the University of the Andes.  She moved recently to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is a member and active participant of the Iglesia de Cristo Redentor, which shares a building with the Parque Centenario church of Christ.


This is Alejandro and his wife Ruth.  Alejandro was baptized and spent part of his youth with the Barquisimeto Centro church.  Now they live in the city of Chivacoa and work with that congregation.  Alejandro likes working in street evangelism in particular, leading worship, and teaching to edify the body of Christ.


This is Lourdes with her husband Rafael, and their two children, Rafael and Andres.  They live in the city of Maturin, Venezuela, where they participate in the leadership of the Jose M. Vargas congregation.  They are very active there in such things as youth ministry, evangelism, counseling, and children’s classes.  Lourdes has also helped establish a TIBI Local Bible School in the church there and has already taken several courses with TIBI.


Pablo and his wife Cecilia live and work in Veracruz, Mexico.  He began to study with TIBI in January 2018, and has continued full-time since that moment.  He works with the La Palmilla church of Christ, in La Palmilla, Tlapacoyan, Veracruz, Mexico. He is the preacher of that congregation.


Cristhian, his wife Shary, and their children Shirly and Joao are pictured here.  Though Cristhian is originally from Honduras, now his family lives in Managua, Nicaragua, where they work with the Jose Dolores Estrada congregation.  Cristhian has participated in evangelism, song leading, benevolence, visitation, and more.


Jose here is with his wife Lisbeth, and their daughters Abigail, Andrea, and Alejandra.  They are active in the church in Valencia, Venezuela, where Jose has been an elder several years.  He serves in leading worship, coordinating cell groups, benevolence, and preaching.


Francisco and his wife Gorety live in Merida, Mexico.  They work with the Sambula congregation, in the areas of youth ministry, evangelism, benevolence, preaching, and more.  Francisco loves to serve and has prepared himself with several specialized courses in counseling.




José and his wife Ena live in Masatepe, Masaya, Nicaragua, with their four children–Carla, Daniel, Meyri, and Betty.  They meet with the Jalata congregation in Masatepe.  José has participated in teaching and preaching, as well as evangelism and youth work, and other ministerial duties.


Angel and his wife Anael, with their daughter Belén, live in Sucre, Bolivia, and worship with the church of Christ there.  They have worked in various ministries such as youth work, classes, music, visitation, and technology. They are one of the couples whom the missionaries are training to assume more leadership for the long term.


Franklin, his wife, Génova, and their son Lucas, are from Carúpano, Venezuela. They are expecting a second child soon. Though his training is in agriculture, Franklin  would like to equip himself to serve better in ministry, along with the leadership of a group of active churches in the area. He describes his gifts as evangelism, discipling, singing, and serving the saints.


Cesar is from Venezuela originally, but recently moved to Cucuta, Colombia to live and work with his extended family.  He has been a Christian for more than 26 years, with experience in evangelism, leading worship, and teaching.  He currently serves with the La Biblioteca congregation in Cucuta.


Ramon lives with his wife, Gladiola, and their children, Victor and Samuel, in the city of San Cristobal, Mexico. They helped establish the church there and continue to work with it. Ramon has helped in various areas like youth work, leading singing, evangelism, counseling, and benevolence.  Their church would like to plant other congregations in the area.


Harry is from San Miguel, El Salvador, where he works with his wife, Lisseth (and their daughter Alisson, in the congregation of the San Nicolas neighborhood.   Harry likes to teach, and also to work with the church’s youth group.  In 2017, Harry received a certificate in the Ministerial Counseling program at the Baxter Institute.  He also helps other brethren coordinate some of the missions in eastern El Salvador


Federico and his wife Maria, live in Guatemala City, Guatemala, with their children Jhonatan, Anderson, and Bernice.  They attend and participate actively in the Vista Hermosa church of Christ there, where Federico has helped with the youth, preached, done benevolence and visitation, and coordinated cell groups, among other things.  He desires to learn more of the biblical text and prepare to help people know Christ.