Full time students



José and his wife Ena live in Masatepe, Masaya, Nicaragua, with their four children–Carla, Daniel, Meyri, and Betty.  They meet with the Jalata congregation in Masatepe.  José has participated in teaching and preaching, as well as evangelism and youth work, and other ministerial duties.


Angel and his wife Anael, with their daughter Belén, live in Sucre, Bolivia, and worship with the church of Christ there.  They have worked in various ministries such as youth work, classes, music, visitation, and technology. They are one of the couples whom the missionaries are training to assume more leadership for the long term.


Franklin, his wife, Génova, and their son Lucas, are from Carúpano, Venezuela. They are expecting a second child soon. Though his training is in agriculture, Franklin  would like to equip himself to serve better in ministry, along with the leadership of a group of active churches in the area. He describes his gifts as evangelism, discipling, singing, and serving the saints.


Cesar is from Venezuela originally, but recently moved to Cucuta, Colombia to live and work with his extended family.  He has been a Christian for more than 26 years, with experience in evangelism, leading worship, and teaching.  He currently serves with the La Biblioteca congregation in Cucuta.


Ramon lives with his wife, Gladiola, and their children, Victor and Samuel, in the city of San Cristobal, Mexico. They helped establish the church there and continue to work with it. Ramon has helped in various areas like youth work, leading singing, evangelism, counseling, and benevolence.  Their church would like to plant other congregations in the area.


Harry is from San Miguel, El Salvador, where he works with his wife, Lisseth (and their daughter Alisson, in the congregation of the San Nicolas neighborhood.   Harry likes to teach, and also to work with the church’s youth group.  In 2017, Harry received a certificate in the Ministerial Counseling program at the Baxter Institute.  He also helps other brethren coordinate some of the missions in eastern El Salvador


Federico and his wife Maria, live in Guatemala City, Guatemala, with their children Jhonatan, Anderson, and Bernice.  They attend and participate actively in the Vista Hermosa church of Christ there, where Federico has helped with the youth, preached, done benevolence and visitation, and coordinated cell groups, among other things.  He desires to learn more of the biblical text and prepare to help people know Christ.




Abraham and his wife, Thanis, live in Cancun, Mexico, and work with the church of Christ there. Abraham participates in the ministries of evangelism, teaching, directing worship, and visitation.


Leonardo lives in Managua, Nicaragua, and attends the church of Christ at Barrio San Judas, where he has been a member since his baptism in 2008.  He has participated in various ways in music and worship, benevolence, evangelism, and deaf ministry.


Leonardo, his wife Dayana, and their children Marcos, Pablo, and Ricardo, live in Merida, Venezuela, where they worship with the Merida Sur congregation.  Leonardo has been active in leading worship, in evangelism, benevolence, counseling, and Bible classes.  He has more than 20 years experience in music and leading in praise.


Bismarck, his wife Tania, and their children Bismarck Ezekiel and Emily, attend the Residencial Las Mercedes church in Managua, Nicaragua. Bismarck has worked a number of years in education, including a job as the assistant director of secondary education in the Salomón Ibarra Institute. He helps in the ministries of visitation, preaching, Bible classes, and counseling.


Reinner Hernandez, his wife Ariana, and their children Juan Sebastian and Juan José, attend the Valledupar church of Christ in Valledupar, Colombia.  Reinner has been part of the leadership team there, and he is passionate about street evangelism. His goal is to collaborate in the project of establishing two new congregations in the towns of the department (state).


Alejandro and his wife Jenniffer worship with the church of Christ Rene Polanco in Managua, Nicaragua.  Alejandro has been very active in several aspeccts of the church.  He likes preaching and giving Bible classes to adults, youth, and children.  He has also participated in benevolence, visitation, and counseling.


Juan lives in the city of Tulua, Colombia, where he worships with the members of the Juan 23-Tulua congregation.  He has participated in most of the ministries of his church, including worship, evangelism, and cell groups. He is planning to get married soon!



Yheison and his wife, Grecia, live in the city of Piritu.  They work in two congregations–Turen and Piritu.  Ever since he was a young man, he has shared in the leadership of these congregations, doing whatever was necessary to help them grow in the midst of difficult circumstances.  Yheison and Grecia are expecting the birth of their first child this fall.


Estéfani and her husband, Marco, live with their children Kiara and Micaias, in the city of Sucre, Bolivia.  They have collaborated in the ministries of that church, but lately have begun to go to the city of Potosi nearby, tu help establish that church.  Estéfain has worked with the youth, children’s classes, and visitation.


Elizabeth is originally from Venezuela, but now lives with her husband, Yamil, and their children, Aristides and Jose, in the city of Medellin, Colombia.  They worship with the Los Colores congregation of Medellin, where Elizabeth has participated in the youth ministry, children’s ministry, Bible classes, and evangelism.  She has also worked with cell groups.


We ask for your prayers for these students, their marriages, their families, and their churches.  Their studies and church obligations require a significant amount of time, and they confront all the normal challenges of ministry and normal life.  Of course, the pandemic has complicated all aspects of life.


We also ask for our other students.  We have a number of people who do not study full-time, but rather take 1-3 courses per cycle with us.  They include Carla Lowe, Gabriela Guzman, Laura Alvarado, Gerson Maigua, Laudymar Cordero, Adalberto Portillo, Katherin Rojas, Arnold Camacho, Elieth Flores, Amador Isidro, Joath Perez Vasquez, Joel Perez, Adrian Portillo, Alexaida Vera, y Pepe Villicaña.  They are important additions to our program, and we are happy to have them.

God has blessed us richly with our students!