Special Seminars


Each month during the fall and spring, IBIT hosts a variety of theme conferences designed to better serve the church and its members. They can be biblical themes, services, practical projects, specialized knowledge, or other issues that the church faces in today’s culture. We want them to be relevant, interesting, and practical, so that Christ will “open our eyes” to serve and live better.

If you would like to participate in these seminars, please contact Stephen Austin at slaustin@cebridge.net, or Kevin Montgomery at montgomery@texasbible.org, and we will tell you how you can log in to take it.


TIBI hosted s special seminar January 18, in which we had the opportunity to learn about the successful ministries of several “good and faithful” sister servants in the faith.

In the format of interviews guided by Stephen Austin, the Director of TIBI, we saw how God has worked through Silvia Acuña, Claudia Sanchez, Jannacoeli Gonzalez, and Michelle Goff. These sisters have decades of experience in faith and ministry.  It was a pleasure to hear them.

If you could not be present, you can click below to see the video of the seminar, and the notes from the various ladies.
To see the recording of the seminar “Good and Faithful Servants”, click here

Apuntes de Claudia ppt

Apuntes de Claudia Word

Apuntes Michelle Word 2004

ePetalo 1 Rut y Noemi

Formato de los estudios bíblicos del

MHRH Michelle–siervas buenas y fieles ptt


Competent Ministers of the New Covenant

On February 3rd, Carlos Camacho gave a special seminar titled “Competent Ministers of the New Covenant: Not the letter of the law, but the Spirit.”

Topics addressed included:

What does the new covenant consist of?

What does it mean to be minister of a new covenant?

How do we understand, “Not of the letter of the law but of the Spirit?”


Recording, part 1

Recording, part 2

Lecture notes in Spanish in PDF



Faithful Word: “This is a true saying, if a man desires the office of a bishop, he desires a good work”.

On January 28, we studied the background, qualities, and work of an elder, examining the Biblical teaching as well as practical considerations of how elders are selected and function in the local church.  Steve Austin and Kevin Montgomery led the seminar.  This is part 1 of a two-part series.  The second part will take place Saturday, March 25, from 9-12 in the morning.  We will include elders or leaders from church in Latin America to learn from their perspective.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Steve Austin at slaustin@cebridge.net.


To see the recording


Other seminars will be presented in future months, with dates and topics to be determined.