Students of TIBI’s live classes


We are proud of all of our TIBI students! It is an honor and pleasure to host over 3,800 students, whether it’s live, online, or at our local Bible schools.

On this page we want to put some photos and screenshots that show the majority of those who study live by Zoom. If they study full time, they are in class 20 hours per week! And there are a few who are not full time, but still take 1-3 courses per cycle. In total, we have 103 students who study live with us.

Scholarship student, entering fall 2020

There is a group of scholarship recipients who are in their second year of full-time studies (they started in August 2020). They include Abraham Ancona and his wife, Thanis (Cancun, Mexico); Leonardo Balladares (Managua, Nicaragua); Leonardo Capodicasa and his wife Dayana (Mérida, Venezuela); Bismarck Castañeda and his wife Tania (Managua, Nicaragua); Reinner Hernandez (Valledupar, Colombia); Alejandro Mena (Managua, Nicaragua); Juan Montaño (Tulua, Colombia); Yheison Parada (Piritu, Venezuela). Estéfani Sanchez (Cochabamba, Bolivia); and Elizabeth Tabares (Medellin, Colombia).

Scholarship students, entering fall 2021

Another group of full-time scholarship recipients began in August 2021. They include Rosse Aristizabal (Caracas, Venezuela); Jesús Blandin (San Francisco, Venezuela); Gregory Bracho (Guacara, Venezuela); Jesús Castellano and his wife Arelis (San Francisco, Venezuela); Angel Chavez and his wife Lorena (Quito, Ecuador.); Alexander José Duin (Barquisimeto, Venezuela); Alexander Ramón Duin (Barquisimeto, Venezuela); Victor Gonzalez (Ilo, Peru); Melvin Muñoz (Mérida, Venezuela); Oscar Pereira (Carupano, Venezuela); Eliezer Perez (Nindiri, Nicaragua); Cecilia Rios (Trujillo, Peru); Jesús Rojas (Carupano, Venezuela); and Nancy Suatunce (La Maná, Ecuador).

Then there is a large group of students who are from other institutes or churches, and participate in one or more courses per cycle. One such group includes these brothers and sisters from IBLAM (Mexicali, Mexico): Jesús Carrillo, Daniel Martinez, Ricardo Martinez, Cristina Mendoza, Neftaly Simón, Angel Yam, Oscar Yam, and Moisés Sanchez.

Another group of students is from the IBBC institute in Ensenada, Mexico, and includes these brothers and sisters: Gladys Baez, Roberto Caballero, Jairo Flores, Misael Nava, Urias Villanueva, Melina Cepeda, Zenaida Luis, Jasson Ventura, Jorge Ventura, and Rutilio Fortune.

And finally (but not least!), This group of students started at various times, be it a couple of years ago, or this August recently. Many take only one course; others take up to four per cycle. They include Carla Lowe, Gabriela Guzman, Laura Alvarado, Gerson Maigua, Laudymar Cordero, Danny Quintero, Kelly Gutierrez, Enrique Javier, Katherin Rojas, Arnold Camacho, Elieth Flores, Bayron Alonso, Nekel Barbosa, Karen Palacios, Jackson Sanchez, Walter Rivas, Carlos León, Rolando Sandoval, Odely Lara, José Suatunce, Harold Peralta, Silvia Pineda, Rut Pineda, Lucila Mejia, Belinda Ortiz, Cristian Sevillano, Hugo Amezcua, Aarón Andrade, Leonardo Buitrago, Jesús Febres, Yessica Salazar, José Daniel Gomez , Eder Hernandez, David Hernandez, Yegsenia Nieto, Naudy Corro, Joel Perez, Jonathan Quintero, Laura Reveles, Eusebio Olvera, Rafael Galea, Carlos Rodriguez, Wilmer Rojas, José Alemán, Angelo Blanco, Franklin Diaz, Alejandro Garcia, Carlos Garcia, Cruz Gutierrez, Cesar Hernandez, Victor Landa, José Medina, Ramón Oliva, Nicolás Acuña, and Federico Velasquez.

A few of these are already graduates of IBIT, but they come to take 4 more courses that allow them to update their degree to the new one from AETH (described elsewhere on the site).

They are important additions to our program, and we are pleased to have them, along with the scholarship recipients.

We ask for your prayers for these students, the married couples, their families, and their churches. The studies and the obligations of the churches take a lot of time and they face all the challenges of ministry and normal life. And of course everything has now been complicated by the pandemic.

God has richly blessed us with these brothers and sisters!