Administrative Team


Steve Austin is the founding director of TIBI, beginning full-time in June 2005.  His degrees include a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry.  His ministry experience includes 7 years as a missionary in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and 7 years as bilingual minister at the Impact Church of Christ in Houston, TX. E-mail:


Kevin Montgomery has served as assistant director of TIBI since June 2008.  His degrees include a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from SIBI, a Masters of Greek from Texas Tech University, and his practical experience includes time spent in missions in Germany, and as a bilingual minister in El Paso, Texas. E-mail:

In May 2009, we welcomed Carlos Camacho full-time on staff at TIBI. He had already been working with us since June 2006 as a professor. Now he also serves as mentor for our students, helping train them in all the tasks and processes of being a minister day by day. He supervises the practical work they are required to do.  E-mail:


Pedro and Silvia del Pozo joined TIBI in 2007, shortly after their graduation from the Quito School of Biblical Studies.  Their ministry experience includes service in churches in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, and Quito.

Pedro coordinates the online program at, managing the courses and the course facilitators. His email: . There are currently about 1200 students in the online program.

Silvia coordinates the Escuelas Bíblicas Locales (EBL, or Local Bible Schools in English), which serve local congregations where small groups of students focus on equipping themselves in certain areas of text or ministry.  There are currently more than 2700 students in this program. Her email is


Daniel M. Urdaneta is in charge of technological support. He works part-time coordinating various facets of our technology needs: videoconferencing, the IBIT / TIBI website, Facebook page, email lists, and more. He graduated from IBIT in 2011 and the RIB Master in 2021. Has experience working as a computer specialist in Caracas, New York, Miami, Orlando, Valencia and Madrid. He has experience of ministry in the United States and now in Spain. E-mail:

Liudmila Bencosme coordinates TIBI’s work in Cuba since our beginning there in late 2012. There have been more than 16,500 students in Cuba who have taken one or more courses in that time, and we currently have about 2280 students from all parts of Cuba, from many different churches.  Her email is