Life of Christ

This course is an in-depth study of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Here are the course goals which we want to achieve:

  1. To study the life of Christ as revealed in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and be able to tell the basic story of the life of Jesus in chronological order.
  2. To understand the relationship we have, or could have, with Jesus and the Word of God.
  3. To understand the basic history of the land of Palestine in the time of Christ, including historical, geographical and cultural aspects.
  4. To see how the original languages can help us better understand the text.
  5. To pay particular attention to key areas of Jesus’ ministry and teaching, such as the Sermon on the Mount, parables, and miracles.
  6. To imitate Jesus in how he related to the many different kinds of people with whom he interacted, with the attending challenges.
  7. To learn about the many tools available for studying the life of Christ, whether books, maps, pictures, videos, websites, or other resources.
  8. To be able to apply all of this knowledge to our lives on a personal level, as well in the local church setting.


The professor for this course is Steve Austin.  He received his BA, MA, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry from Abilene Christian University.  He has 35 years experience in ministry and teaching, much of which are in Latin America.  He is currently the director of the Texas International Bible Institute, a school which trains men and women in Spanish to make disciples of Christ, and to plant churches.

If you would like to contact Dr. Austin, his email is


Sea of Galilee from Mount of Beatitudes


Documents and resources for the course

Syllabus–Life of Christ

Resource list

Messianic prophecies of the OT fulfilled

Chronological exam–Life of Christ

Timeline of Jerusalem

Dead or alive–Luke 7 twitter feed

Culture vs Gospel–exercise

What’s in your bullseye

Temple Mount in Jerusalem today


Course videos

Class 1A:  Introduction and resources (21:02)

Class 1B:  Resources (34:44)

Class 2:  Time Machine (39:37)

Class 3A:  Core beliefs (28:38)

Class 3B:  Bible interpretation (34:47)

Class 3C:  Claims of Jesus (20:11)

Class 4:  Judea and Samaria–Geographical context (23:57)

Class 5A:  Biblical history of Jerusalem  (22:05)

Class 5B:  Important sites of Jerusalem in Jesus’ time  (22:10)

Class 5C:  Examining the Herodian temple mount  (36:49)

Class 5D:  Finding the original temple mount  (14:58)

Class 5E:  Locating the First and Second Temples  (18:31)

Class 5F:  Examining Herod’s temple  (30:04)

Class 6A:  Galilee, pt. 1 (26:23)

Class 6B:  Galilee, pt. 2 (22:20)

Class 7A:  Important groups–Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes (39:04)

Class 7B:  Important groups–Zealots, Samaritans, Herodians, Pagans (28:58)

Class 8:  The synagogue (27:35)

Class 9A:  Intro to the gospels (sources) (19:41)

Class 9B:  Intro to the gospels (canon, perspectives) (27:18)

Class 9C:  Intro to the gospels (details of each gospel) (35:56)

Class 10A:  The birth of Jesus–angels and genealogies (27:51)

Class 10B:  The birth of Jesus–in Bethlehem (29:53)

Class 10C:  The birth of Jesus–the wise men (23:34)

Class 11A:  The childhood of Jesus–Nazareth (19:24)

Class 11B:  The childhood of Jesus–raising Jesus, education (21:58)

Class 12A;  Jesus the Jewish Rabbi–the eastern mindset (13:54)

Class 12B:  Jesus the Jewish Rabbi–rabbis and talmidim (27:52)

Class 12C:  Jesus the Jewish Rabbi–rabbinic methods (38:58)

Class 13A:  John the Baptist, ministry (40:04)

Class 13B:  John the Baptist, death (24:44)

Class 14A:  The temptations, part 1 (18:55)

Class 14B:  The temptations, part 2 (27:25)

Class 15: Sermon on the Mount, intro (34:54)

 Class 16a:  Anger and forgiveness, part 1 (34:30)

Class 16B: Anger and forgiveness, part 2–tools to solve conflict (27:28)

Class 17A:  Sexual Purity–the problem (22:06)

Class 17B:  Sexual Purity–a solution (26:32)

Class 18:  Divorce and remarriage (34:03)

Class 19A:  Prayer–Jewish customs (23:14)

Class 19B:  How do we pray? (49:05)

Class 20A:  Jesus and money–teaching (43:37)

Class 20B:  Jesus and money–application (34:37)

Class 21:  Discernment and application (32:46)

Class 22A:  Lost–a sheep and a coin (31:20)

Class 22B:  Lost–two sons (35:12)

Class 23A:  The sower (29:00)

Class 23B:  Other parables of sowing and reaping (24:10)

Class 24:  the Good Samaritan (25:49)

Class 25:  Judgment parables (37:52)

Class 26:  Jesus and healing (32:17)

Class 27:  John 5, The lame man (42:28)

Class 28:  Healings in Capernaum (27:10)

Class 29A: Jesus and the blind (16:36)

Class 29B:  John 9, the blind man (19:27)

Class 30:  Jesus and the demon-possessed (50:35)

Class 31: Jesus and lepers (24:22)

Class 32:  Jesus and resurrections (36:27)

Class 33: John 3–Jesus and Nicodemus (26:39)

Class 34:  John 4–Jesus and the Samaritan woman (25:44)

Class 35:  Jesus and Zaccheus (16:37)

Class 36:  Jesus and three women (23:15)

Class 37A:  The Bread of Life, story (40:37)

Class 37B:  The Bread of Life, interpretation (30:31)

Class 38:  Jesus and the Sea of Galilee (36:07)

Class 39:  Peter’s confession (29:22)

Class 40A: The transfiguration, background (15:10)

Class 40B:  The transfiguration, lessons (25:59)

Class 41A:  Jesus and the Sabbath, background (20:21)

Class 41B:  Jesus and the Sabbath, principles (20:27)

Class 42A:  Jesus and the Jewish spring feasts (15:14)

Class 42B:  Jesus and the Jewish fall feasts (29:09)

Class 43A:  The Mission–Jesus and the disciples (29:12)

Class 43B:  The Mission–for us today (37:40)

Class 44:  Counting the cost of following Jesus (39:53)

Class 45:  The triumphal entry (27:41)

Class 46:  Events of Sunday and Monday (31:42)

Class 47: Questions at the temple (21:44)

Class 48:  Tuesday-Wednesday (22:14)

Class 49A:  Signs of the end (27:21)

Class 49B:  Parables of the end (16:15)

Class 50A:  The Last Supper–Model (13:03)

Class 50B:  The Last Supper–Messianic Jewish backgrounds (25:04)

Class 50C:  The Last Supper–teachings (32:33)

Class 50D:  The Lord’s Supper today (17:04)

Class 51:  The Garden of Gethsemane and the arrest of Jesus (20:38)

Class 52:  The trial before Caiaphas (25:23)

Class 53:  The trial before Pilate, Herod, crucifixion, and burial (38:05)

Class 54:  Teachings from the death of Jesus (40:04)

Class 55A:  The resurrection and the appearances (32:08)

Class 55B:  The 40 days after the resurrection, and the ascension (17:13)

Class 56:  What is your response? (11:03)