Currently TIBI is blessed with 26 professors for our bachelor’s degree in ministry and biblical studies. All are Christians with knowledge in their fields of study, and decades of experience in ministry.

Of these men, 4 have their doctorates, 14 have their masters, and 2 more will finish their masters in November.


These are the 19 professors who teach courses live by Zoom in the normal course rotation each year. 

Timothy Archer, has worked with international efforts of Herald of Truth Ministries since 2006. Currently, he is the Director of International Ministry there and has spent three decades working in Spanish ministry, including 15 years in Argentina. He received his BA and MA in Bible and Related Studies and a MS in Communications all from Abilene Christian University. Tim has authored or co-authored several books including,  Letters From The LambHope For Life and More Hope For Life, Church Inside Out, as well as a history of the churches of Christ in Cuba that was co-written with Cuban preacher Tony Fernández. Tim also serves an elder at the University Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas.

Steve Austin graduated from Abilene Christian University with a BA in Biblical Studies a MA in Biblical and Related Studies, an M.Div, and a D.Min degrees.  He was a missionary for 7 years; bilingual minister at the Impact church in Houston for 7 years, and founding director of TIBI full-time since 2005.  He is the editor of Cantos del Camino.  He has given classes and seminars and consulted with churches in Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru, and Argentina, as well as several U.S. cities. He has served also as a professor in the Masters of Practical Theology program of the RIB.

Ignacio Barcenas is originally from Mexico, and is a 1983 graduate of the Sunset School of Preaching.  He received a BS in biblical studies and also an MS in marriage and family studies from Southern Christian University, and is licensed  counselor.  He has planted two Hispanic congregations in the Houston area since 1983.  For several years he was field work supervisor for TIBI.  He served as a full-time counselor, marriage and family therapist and trainer in Galveston, TX, and is now minister of the Iglesia de Cristo in South Houston, TX.

Luis Betanco of Nicaragua, currently works as the Spanish-speaking minister of the Iglesia de Cristo Westbury in Houston, Texas. He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Miami-Mints International Seminary and is also a Baxter Institute graduate in Biblical and Cultural Studies. He was a Missionary in Bogota, Colombia from 2003 to 2009. Additionally, he has ministered in churches in Honduras, Bowling Green (Kentucky), and currently in Houston, Texas.

Carlos Camacho 1994 graduated from the Polytechnic University (Antonio Jose de Sucre), with a degree in electrical engineering. He has successfully worked with two churches for 30 years in Venezuela, leaving them as self-supporting with elders, deacons, and ministers.  He specializes in discipling and training others in ministry.  He has given conferences in Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, and the US.  He is the current field work supervisor with TIBI, and lives with his family in Merida, Mexico.

Rolando Camacho, originally from Venezuela, and now lives in Spain.  He is a graduate of TIBI, and also has his Masters’ degree.  He has served as a bilingual minister in the US and also as a minister in several churches of Venezuela and now Spain.


Leonardo Capodicasa, from Venezuela, is a 2022 graduate from TIBI, with the Bachelor of Ministry and Biblical Studies. He is a popular musician, a guitarist, musical producer and arranger with extensive experience in the teaching and performance of music of various kinds. He has served actively in praise and worship ministry in different congregations of Venezuela. Currently he is a co-professor of the praise and worship course at TIBI.

 Reynaldo Dominguez, from Nicaragua, is a 2011 graduate of TIBI.  He works with various churches in the region of Managua, including the KM 20 church, and the congregation in Leon not too far away.


Jonathan Guevara is from Venezuela.  He has been married for 12 years to Cristel and they have two sons, aged 4 and 7). He earned a university degree in Physical Education and sports in UPEL Venezuela (2007-2009), and a Bachelors of Biblical Studies from TIBI in 2013. He is about the complete the Master of Practical Theology degree from the Biblical Institute Network, of which TIBI is a part.  Jonathan was a missionary in Mexico for 11 years with a focus on planting new churches.  Jonathan has been invited as a speaker for the Pepperdine Lectureships in Malibu, California in 2018 and 2019. He is also founder the coordinator of the Treasures in Heaven project, helping children in Venezuela during the crisis there. He is currently serving as the Hispanic minister at the West Houston church in Houston, TX.

Carlos Inglés Sanchez, from El Salvador, has served by preaching, visiting, evangelizing and planting churches. He graduated from Baxter Institute in Honduras, receiving a degree in Theology in 2002. He was a missionary to Bogotá, Colombia from 2003-2009. He holds a ThM and MDiv from Seminario Internacional de Miami, MINTS. Since 2011 he has lived in Houston and served as the Bilingual Minister of the Impact Church of Christ.

Juan Meza is from Mexico, where he studied in the Bible school at Torreón.  Then he came to the States to earn his bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in biblical and theological studies from Harding University.  He has served as an adjunct professor for Harding, and as a minister in congregations in Searcy (Arkansas) and Memphis (Tennessee). He has given various conferences and seminars about biblical text and ministry in Latin America.

Kevin Montgomery graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Spanish, and received a Master’s Degree from Texas Tech University in Classical Greek.  He also completed studies at the Sunset International Bible Institute.  He has been a missionary in Chemnitz, Germany, and bilingual minister in El Paso, TX.  He has served as assistant director for TIBI since 2008.

Alirio Ortega, from Venezuela, is a graduate of the Universidad de Zulia in Venezuela, as well as basic and advanced studies in the New Testament and Greek in the Biblical Institute of Missions.  He has given seminars about discipleship and church growth. He has served part-time or full-time for years at churches in Maracaibo (Venezuela), and helped plant several churches there.  For 4 years he also produced and worked in Christian radio programming. Now he works with a congregation in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

César Augusto Páez Barrios is from Venezuela. He graduated from TIBI with his Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree in 2013. He also completed a 10-course certificate program in counseling, directed by Ignacio Barcenas. He has worked in churches in Venezuela and Mexico. Currently he directs the spiritual formation program that is part of TIBI’s curriculum.

J. Omar Palafox is a Mexican missionary from Guadalajara. He is a graduate of the mission school at Sunset International Bible Institute in Texas. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Bible and a Master’s in Ministry from Lubbock Christian University, and a second Master’s Degree in Divinity from Abilene Christian University, Texas. In May 2021, he received his Doctor of  Intercultural Studies from Fuller University in California. He has been a mentor and church planter in Latin America as Coach of life. His ministry is the expansion of “ASHREI,” a resource network where spiritual formation is central. He currently is assistant professor of Bible at Abilene Christian University.

Jorge Pineda, from Venezuela, is based in Tampa, Florida and holds a Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies from the University of Central Arkansas, as well as Bachelors of Biblical Studies degree from the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX. He has taught at the Quito School of Biblical Studies and the Atlantic International Bible Institute in addition to ministering in 6 different congregations and has given seminars and campaigns in various parts of Latin America.

Sixto Rivera comes from El Salvador, and currently works as the founding director of Genesis Alliance, a church planting ministry based in Dallas, Texas, which has planted numerous churches in the US and all-over Latin America.


Isaac Torres is from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, and has been married 16 years with Nathaly.  They have a four year-old named Lucas.  Isaac is a 2014 graduate of TIBI, and currently is completing the Master of Practical Theology with the Biblical Institute Network, of which TIBI is a part. Isaac has 18 years of full-time ministry experience, working in the Luisiana iglesia de Cristo in Peru; in the Morelia, Querétaro, and Torreón congregations in Mexico; and currently helps in three congregations in Venezuela (Los Sauces, Barrio Union, and El Manzano.) All these last three were planted in the last 8 years.  Now Isaac’s focus is on church planting, evangelism, and discipleship.

Bernie Villalobos  is currently serving as the evangelist at the Paso Ancho Church of Christ in San José, Costa Rica, a congregation which he planted. He studied at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica where he graduated as an Agricultural Engineer in 2001. He completed a Bible training at the Biblical School of the Americas in Panama from 2002-2003. He graduated from the Texas International Bible Institute in 2011.

Rudy Wray graduated from Fort Worth Christian College (TX); Sunset School of Preaching, Lubbock, TX; the American Christian Bible College and Graduate School of Religion in West Monroe, Louisiana; and the Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry in Washington state.  He possesses a Doctorate of Ministry degree.  He has been a minister and teacher in various churches in the US, El Salvador, and Honduras.  He was dean of the Atlantic International Bible Institute in Miami, and also Dean of International Development for SIBI in Lubbock, TX.


These 7 brethren have taught occasional live courses, and/or have recorded other courses which are part of our online offerings at www.ibitenlinea.org.

Oswaldo Albarracin received a bachelor’s degree in Baxter Institute of Biblical Studies in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and has a Masters in Theology.  He established the Cuenca Biblical Institute in Ecuador and was a professor there.  He has served in the Clínica Medica Saint, the churches of Christ in Pedregal, and Kennedy. He has been a teacher in the Escuela Quiteña de Estudios Bíblicos, and has given conferences in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador.  He is currently the director of the Quito School of Biblical Studies. He received his Masters of Practical Theology degree in December 2021, as part of the first cohort to graduate from that program.

Guillermo Dominguez is from Nicaragua, though he has taught several classes during his time in Panama City, Panama.  He graduated as valedictorian from the Baxter Institute in Tegucigalpa, Honduras several years ago.


Jim Holway received his bachelor degree in Biblical Studies from Freed Hardeman University, with an emphasis in biblical languages.  He also has a Master of Religious Studies from Harding Graduate School of Religion, with an emphasis in Missions and the New Testament.  He has served as a minister and church planter in various congregations in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida in the US, and as a missionary for 10 years in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He is also certified as a facilitator and director of marital and pre-marital counseling. He has been a keynote speaker and professor for various churches, schools, and conferences or courses in Latin America (Argentina, Cuba, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Bolivia, República Dominicana, Ecuador and Belize) and in the US.  He currently is the minister of the Sunset church of Christ in Miami, Florida. He also has taught courses for TIBI and for the RIB Masters of Practical Theology program.

 Kirk McAfee graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BS in Civil Engineering and a Master of Missiology from Abilene Christian University.  He has been a missionary in Costa Rica, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.  He helped plant the Instituto Bíblico de La Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic, an extension of the Atlantic International Bible Institute in Miami, where he was director several years.  He currently is a hospital chaplain in Miami.

Enrique Martorell, of Spain, is a graduate of the Bible at the School of Biblical Studies at White’s Ferry Road in West Monroe, Louisiana. He earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Theology from American Christian Bible College in West Monroe, Louisiana, and received a Ph.D. in Christian Education from The Theological University of America. Though Enrique passed away in 2023, we still use some of his videos in classes.

Arthur Puente is currently an instructor at the  Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, TX. In the past, he has also taught full-time at the Quito School of Biblical Studies and Lubbock Christian University. He has served as minister in the bilingual Colgate church in Lubbock, Texas.  He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Bible and Ministry, a Master’s of Divinity and is currently working on a Doctorate of Ministry at Abilene Christian University. He is an accomplished scholar and teacher, and has published a commentary on the book of Revelation.

Edgar Yungán, from Ecuador, holds a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Laica in Manta (Ecuador), Bachelors in Pastoral Theology from SEMISUD (Ecuador), a Bachelors of Biblical Studies from EQEB/SIBI, and a Master’s in Bible and Theology from Lee University. He has been a missionary in his country and currently is an evangelist as well as full-time Professor of Theology and Academic Dean at the EQEB in Quito. He received his Masters of Practical Theology degree in December 2021, as part of the first cohort to graduate from that program.

These brethren teach the following courses in our Master of Practical Theology program, for the Red de Institutos Bíblicos (RIB, or Biblical Institute Network in English), which TIBI helped create and in which we participate actively.  As you see, some of them teach on both undergraduate and graduate levels.  The professors are listed in the order of courses taught for the MPT.

Steve Austin :  Introduction to Ministry, Conflict Resolution

Omar Palafox:  Spiritual Formation

Juan Meza:  Theology of the Old Testament

Yancy Smith:   Yancy is from Fort Worth, Texas.  He received his Bachelor degree in biblical languages from Abilene Christian University, his Masters in Greek and New Testament studies also from ACU, and his Ph.D in biblical interpretation and Near East studies from Texas Christian University.  He served for 10 years as missionary in Buenos Aires, and in various churches as a leader and minister in Texas.  Currently he is the director of global translation services for Bible League International. For the RIB, he is teaching the Theology of the New Testament course.

Joshua Marcum received his BA, MA, and D.Min at Harding University and Harding Graduate school of religion. After graduating, he and his wife went to Cochabamba, Bolivia, to serve as missionaries with the team there. Now Josh and his family have returned to Quito, Ecuador, where he spent several years as a child. Josh currently serves as director of Operation Ecuador,  teaches some courses for the Quito School of Biblical Studies, and helps coordinate the teams for church planting from the QSOBS graduates.

Timothy Archer: Theological homiletics

Ignacio Barcenas: Pastoral counseling

Hugo Monroy:  Hugo is originally from Colombia, where he graduated with a bachelor of philosophy and letters from the  Universidad Santo Tomás. Then he obtained two masters’ degree from Abilene Christian University, in missiology and in theology.  He has served as a leader and minister in various congregations in New York City. He teaches the History of Christian Thought course for the MPT.

Arturo Puente, from the US.  He teaches our Leadership Development course.



Jonathan Hanegan: Jonathan is originally from Denver, Colorado. He received his bachelor degree in missions and Spanish from  Oklahoma Christian University, and a masters’ of missions from Abilene Christian University. He has served as a minister in Venezuela, and currently works with the Cristo Redentor church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He teaches the Church Growth and Development course for the MPT.

Jonathan Guevara and Isaac Torres:  They also teach the Evangelism course, on the MPT level.