On Saturday, July 23, at 2 PM Houston time, IBIT celebrated its 18th promotion. We recognized those who received their Bachelor of Ministry and Biblical Studies degree. This was the first group to receive this degree, which has been certified by AETH (the Association for Hispanic Theological Education), and affirmed by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the association that accredits seminaries in the United States. This means that if these graduates would like to apply to study at any seminary in the United States or Puerto Rico, their degree will be recognized as a valid Bachelor’s degree for any seminary.

Those who received this degree were:

Bayron Benjamin Alonzo Guillermo, Mexico
Eduardo Abraham Ancona Eck, Mexico
Leonardo Alcides Balladares Morales, Nicaragua
Nekel Barboza, Venezuela
Arnold Jose Camacho Narvaez, Peru
Leonardo Jose Capodicasa Rodriguez, Venezuela
Bismarck Abraham Castaneda Flores, Nicaragua
Reinner Albenis Hernandez Luquez, Colombia
Alejandro Antonio Mena, Nicaragua
Juan Sebastian Montano Valencia, Colombia
Yheison Miguel Parada Morles, Venezuela
Harold Bernard Peralta Cardenas, Ecuador
Estefani Sanchez Penaranda, Bolivia
Elizabeth Tabares Chacoa, Colombia

We also recognized other IBIT graduates, who “updated” the degree they had received in previous years (that which the State of Texas recognizes–the Bachelor of Biblical Studies.) To do this, they had to take four new courses that were added to strengthen the IBIT curriculum, plus do an extra project for four more courses, which covered new elements that we added to those courses, responding to IBIT criteria.

Those who received this “update” were the following:

Jose Dolores Aleman Garcia, Nicaragua
Angelo Borja Beltran Blanco Acho, Bolivia
Naudy David Corro Aguero, Venezuela
Franklin Rafael Diaz Quijada, Venezuela
Carlos Eduardo Garcia Velasquez, Venezuela
Cruz Del Valle Gutierrez de Garcia, Venezuela
Victor Manuel Juarez Landa, Mexico
Jose Rafael Medina Cumare, Venezuela
Joel Amos Perez Cax, United States

The graduation was done by Zoom, and that room included IBIT graduates and leaders. It was also streamed live on our YouTube channel for any family, friend, or church member who wanted to watch it.

If you go to  this link, you can see the Zoom recording.

If you go to this link, you can see the YouTube recording.

We are proud of these brothers and sisters, and ask for your prayers for them, as they continue their ministries in each place.


Adolfo Roitman (left), Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Israel Museum, Jerusalem; with Guillermo Palestrina Sanchez (right), from Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. In 2013, Guillermo facilitated our introduction to Dr. Roitman

On Saturday, January 29, IBIT sponsored an academic seminar with Dr. Adolfo Roitman, who is the curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

The topics covered in the three hours were:

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls—past and present
  • The sectarian phenomenon in ancient Judaism and the Jerusalem temple and its impact on the Jews
  • The origins of Christianity and the Essene matrix.

Although the seminar was given to train IBIT faculty, everyone was welcome.

You can see the seminar at this link.

First Masters’ Cohort Graduates!

It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that the Biblical Institute Network (RIB in Spanish) announces the graduation of its first 12 students from the Master of Practical Theology program.

These students came from Nicaragua, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Spain, and the United States. representing 12 different congregations.

The ceremony took place December 11, 2021, by Zoom.  The video recording of the streaming on YouTube is available here as well as in TIBI’s Zoom video library here .   We invite you to join in the celebration!



In August 16, 2021, IBIT assisted in welcoming the fourth cohort of the Master of Practical Theology program. This program, which consists of 12 courses and 36 credit hours in total, is offered by the RIB – Red de Institutos Biblicos (Biblical Institutes Network), composed of several brotherhood schools. The goal is to continue preparing more men and women for effective service in the local churches.

There were 13 new students with the goal of finishing their studies in August 2024, from 7 countries: Daniel Amarista (Brasil); David Lopez (Colombia); Hernán Oyanedel and Jorge Paredes (Chile); Oscar Pitán (El Salvador); Esperanza Olivo (Estados Unidos);  Carlos Garcia, David Marcano, Raquel Molina, Carlos Guerrero and Omar Mendez from Venezuela; and Ricardo Pinedo and Hugo Sandoval from Ecuador.

There are currently 31 participants in the Master’s courses in total. If you want to know a little more about them, click here.


TIBI receives grant from Duke Divinity School

We are happy to announce that in January 2021, as a colleague of AETH, TIBI was awarded a grant from the Leadership Education program at Duke Divinity School, part of Duke University.  It is a grant that comes indirectly from the well-known Lilly Foundation.

This grant is specifically for the equipping of our professors at TIBI.  We will give them several useful resources for study and class preparation, such as Logos software, 56 DVDs of photos and biblical lands, and seminars granted by the producers of these resources. These experts will train our teachers how to utilize them best in their class preparation.  We are also finalizing details of two other important resources.

This will take place during a 12-month period, from March 2021-March 2022.  We are grateful to God for this opportunity to continue improving the quality of our instruction and our program.

TIBI receives the Platinum Seal from GuideStar for 2021

Guidestar, the world’s largest and leading source of information about nonprofit organizations, has awarded TIBI its Platinum Seal of Transparency for 2021.  This is the highest seal awarded.

It indicates that TIBI is among the top one percent of the 2.7 million nonprofits in the US in terms of transparency regarding our goals, methods, metrics, data, and results.

More than 10 million people visit GuideStar each year for guidance on how to give charitable donations.  Those with the platinum seal receive twice as many views, and receive 11% more donations than the Bronze, Silver, and non-seal holders combined.

All major US-based donor-advised funds use Guidestar, as well as millions of visitors to donation platforms like AmazonSmile, Facebook, JustGive, and many more.

We strive continually to achieve our mission the best way possible, and to be transparent about our work and results.  We hope this will benefit TIBI.  We welcome any questions you might have.

To see our full profile on TIBI (statistics, metrics, results),  go to this link  Texas International Bible Institute


AETH Certifies TIBI’s Bachelor’s Degree!

In August, after a process lasting almost two years, TIBI received word from the Asociación para Estudios Teológicos Hispanos (Association of Hispanic Theological Studies) that they have officially certified our Bachelors Degree, the Licenciatura en el Ministerio y Estudios Bíblicos (Bachelor of Ministry and Biblical Studies).

AETH | Asociación para La Educación Teológica Hispana

This certification is extended in collaboration with the Association of Theological Schools, the main accrediting agency of seminaries in the US.

This is a valuable external endorsement of our program which will allow our graduates to apply for graduate studies at any seminary in the US. We also expect this to result in an increased enrollment, as more people will find out about TIBI.  We are grateful to God for this blessing!

To see some of who we are and what we do, click on the link below.

TIBI Overview–August 2 2022


Our Mission

At TIBI–Texas International Bible Institute, or IBIT in Spanish–our mission is to make disciples who will make other disciples, planting and nurturing churches that are biblical, evangelistic, mature, and relevant.

The textual or ministerial information which our students learn at TIBI is only a part of what we teach.  We are convinced that we must also help students think clearly, in a creative, logical, and profound fashion.   Since it’s impossible to teach all Bible text and ministry skills in just two years, we emphasis the process of how to think, organize, and share what they learn here.

In addition, the atmosphere which we create for students is critically important.  We know that, along with all the good which students possess, there will also be differences of opinion, difficulties, and misunderstandings that emerge due to different backgrounds and distinct personalities which the students bring to TIBI.

We strongly believe that TIBI should be a safe, receptive place, where students can seek answers to difficult questions, make mistakes, and disagree with others–but do so with respect and love for all.  We want to set the example for how to maintain and open dialogue, seeking the truth passionately, even if at the end of the discussion we may not all be in agreement in every detail.

But we can be united in the core gospel–the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Christ, and how one is saved through Him.  This gospel we read in places such as 1 Corinthians  15:1-4,  Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 23:23, and Ephesians 4:4-6.

To see our doctrinal statement, click here.

To see an overview of who TIBI is and what we do, click on this link–

TIBI Overview–August 2 2022

School catalog 2022-2023




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