On July 27, at the Southeast church of Christ in Friendswood, Texas, TIBI rejoiced with 12 students who completed work with us.  Eleven of them received the Bachelors of Biblical Studies degree, and one the Christian Worker certificate.  About 90 people attended from 12 different sites.

The bilingual recording of the graduation is here  if you would like to see it.



In October 2018, the administrative team of TIBI and several TIBI board members traveled to Cuba to attend the first graduation of the first Cuban students who have received the Bachelors of Biblical Studies degree.  In all, 30 students achieved this milestone, mostly done at nights and weekends over as much as six years time.  They helped each other, studied hard, spent their own money, and now are better equipped for the study of God’s Word and ministry in their churches and communities.

In addition, a total of 36 Cubans have received the Obrero Cristiano (Christian Worker) degree, a selection of 16 courses, with a combination of text and ministry courses.  Below is a picture from our trip in March 2019 of those students, along with Carlos Camacho, our supervisor of fieldwork for TIBI.



In conjunction with Sunset International Bible Institute and Quito School of Biblical Studies, TIBI helped begin a new Masters of Practical Theology degree.  There are a total of 12 courses for a total of 36 hours credit. This degree is a non-thesis degree; the steering committee chose to have the students focus, in each course, on a useful, well-developed project in their local ministry and congregation.

The degree lasts three years and the courses are taught by a variety of professors from 5 countries in Latin America.  All the professors have masters or doctoral degrees. The first cohort consists of 16 students from 8 countries (beginning in 2018), and the second of 12 students from 6 countries (beginning in 2019).  If you would like more information, go to www.redinbi.org.


TIBI Overview–July 24, 2019



About TIBI

At TIBI–Texas International Bible Institute, or IBIT in Spanish–our mission is to make disciples who will make other disciples, planting and nurturing churches that are biblical, evangelistic, mature, and relevant.

The textual or ministerial information which our students learn at TIBI is only a part of what we teach.  We are convinced that we must also help students think clearly, in a creative, logical, and profound fashion.   Since it’s impossible to teach all Bible text and ministry skills in just two years, we emphasis the process of how to think, organize, and share what they learn here.

In addition, the atmosphere which we create for students is critically important.  We know that, along with all the good which students bring, there will also be differences of opinion, difficulties, and misunderstandings that emerge due to different backgrounds and distinct personalities which the students bring to TIBI.

We strongly believe that TIBI should be a safe, receptive place, where students can seek answers to difficult questions, make mistakes, and disagree with others–but do so with respect and love for all.  We want to set the example for how to maintain and open dialogue, seeking the truth passionately, even if at the end of the discussion we may not all be in agreement in every detail.

But we can be united in the core gospel–the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Christ, and how one is saved through Him.  This gospel we read in places such as 1º Corinthians  15:1-4,  Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 23:23, and Ephesians 4:4-6.

To see an overview of who TIBI is and what we do, click on this link.

TIBI Overview–July 24, 2019 English

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